Safe and Effective Bed Bug Protection

Bedbugs rate high on the “ick” scale and are such a common nuisance that one out of every ten Americans is currently affected by them. These pests don’t discriminate—all it takes is a single ride on an airplane or stepping into a dressing room where there are bed bugs, and you’re at risk of bringing them home with you.  

Bed Bug Eliminator was formulated by a military veteran and registered nurse who wanted safe, natural protection from bed bugs while working overseas. The protective spray was so effective that he brought it home to perfect the formula and began making it available to consumers everywhere. 

Natural, DEET-free Bed Bug Eliminator

One of the biggest concerns with many pest repellants and eliminators on the market today is the harsh chemicals they use. The danger of repeated exposure to DEET and other harmful chemicals, especially for young children, isn’t always worth the trade-off of protection from bed bugs or other unwanted house guests.

Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients protects against bed bugs without the use of DEET or unsafe chemicals. It’s safe for the environment and for use around infants, kids, seniors, and pets.