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Bedbug Free, Wherever You Go!

Eagle Watch Bed Bug Eliminator works by forming a protective barrier around you whenever you enter a potentially bed bug infested area. 

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Our product is widely used by healthcare and homecare workers, military personnel, hotel and retail employees, parents, teachers, real estate agents, travelers, campers, and many others. 

Hotel Employees

Even luxury hotels aren't always exempt from bed bugs. Put your mind at ease when you travel with Eagle Watch Bed Bug Eliminator.

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Home Care

Nothing should stop home healthcare employees from taking care of patients, including bed bugs. Focus on your job with peace of mind when you use Eagle Watch Bed Bug Eliminator.

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Real Estate Agents & Inspectors

Don't let bugs get in your way when selling a home. Carry our eco-friendly Eagle Watch Bed Bug Eliminator with you for protection, wherever you go.

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